Since our inception in June of 2021, we have helped over 70 pets get spays, neuters, vaccinations, microchips, medications, life-saving emergency care for acute illness and infections, and essential surgeries for injuries.

Some of the Pets We’ve Helped This Year

Mea the cat had a thorny twig, about 3 inches long, stuck in her trachea (windpipe). It was successfully extracted without further injury, and her owner says she now has a “smoky” voice but has recovered well.

This is the twig – ouch! Those thorns!
And this is Mea later that day, so grateful.

Jasmine the dog had respiratory distress. She says, “Thank you for helping me. I can breathe so much better now!”
Here’s Bear the cat, under sedation and receiving intravenous antibiotics for a life-threatening urinary blockage. No one was sure he would make it, but ….
Here’s Bear the next day!
Half-Pint says, “Thank you for helping with my dental surgery, medications and pain relief for the raging infection I had. I can eat now!”

All the pets we’ve saved or helped  –  more than 70 altogether  – are living better lives with the people who love them, because of you!

And… A Special Appeal

Due to understaffing and overwork in veterinary offices everywhere, most appointments are scheduled out several months. That’s a long time for an animal to wait when they are sick or in pain. Some don’t make it.

Additionally, very few emergency cases can be seen locally. Our local veterinarians cannot offer after-hours and weekend availability. There are no emergency clinics that are less than an hour’s drive away (impossible for our clients who don’t have cars), and those clinics often turn away pets due to not having enough hours to see them all. The charge for an emergency visit averages between $2500 and $7000.

Therefore, on-call emergency veterinary services are desperately needed in our area. Pet Helpers would like to look into purchasing or sponsoring a facility that can specialize in such services. Of course, this will require a patron.

Are you the person who can help us save lives by sponsoring an emergency veterinary clinic?  If so, please contact the president of Pet Helpers: Laurie Riley 360-840-5264  or

email coordinator@pethelpersporttownsend.org, or send a letter to Pet Helpers, PO Box 1748, Port Townsend WA 98368.