Our work is dependent entirely on your donationsAll funds go directly to helping the pets.  We are a volunteer organization and none of our workers or administrative people are paid.

Pet Helpers Port Townsend’s nonprofit status is under the umbrella of QUUF (Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship). We do not proselytize. All donated funds to Pet Helpers Port Townsend go directly to care of the animals. Tax ID and details are available on request to

Your generous donations make a huge difference! Besides providing funds for spay, neuter, vaccinations and microchips, we handle many urgent requests to help pay for acute illnesses and injuries. For instance, we recently paid for emergency surgery for a small dog that had been attacked by a coyote and had extensive throat and neck wounds. We could not turn him away, of course, and the surgery saved his life. The cost was significant – over $3000. Thanks to generous and caring people like yourself, we were able to raise the funds so we did not have to turn this dog away.

Photos: 1. Louie before the attack. 2. A view of some of the surgical repairs – they placed rubber tubes to drain abscesses in the wounds. There were several more in his throat and chest. These have now been removed and the wounds stitched closed.

Louie before the attack
After lifesaving surgery, rubber tubes were placed to drain the abscessed wounds.

Where exactly do your donations go?

Funds donated to Pet Helpers pay for veterinary care and/or sheltering fees for the pets of the homeless people in Port Townsend and vicinity. Veterinary costs are for treatment of ill and injured pets, spay, neuter, vaccinations, microchips, and licensing.

We print brochures and posters that inform the community of our work, and have minimal office expenses such as paper. Most other office costs are donated by our volunteers, as are gasoline expenses.

We are a volunteer organization and none of our workers or administrative people are paid.

Since we are an all-volunteer organization, we have almost no operating expenses, so your donations go directly to caring for the pets. Please help us make a difference.

Our 501c3 umbrella organization is QUUF, federal tax ID#91-1335250 

  • Preferred: Make a check to “Pet Helpers”, with “donation” in the memo line. Send it to: Pet Helpers, c/o Laurie Riley, PO Box 1748, Port Townsend WA 98368.
  • To use your credit card please call, email, or send the card information by postal mail. Include the card number, expiration date, and 3-digit code from the back of the card, and your zip code. It will be processed through Square.
    • phone: 360-840-5264
    • postal mail: Pet Helpers, PO Box 1748, Port Townsend WA 98368
  • To donate online by PayPal, call 360-840-5264 and we will walk you through the process.

Donate in a Friend’s or Loved One’s Name

You can make your donation count in the heart of someone you love by donating in their name as your holiday or birthday gift to them! If you know someone who loves animals and you didn’t know what to give them, this is the perfect solution! Just tell us in whose name you are making the gift, and request an acknowledgement packet that you can give to them or have us send to them for you. Include their postal address, please.

You will be sent an acknowledgement for your tax records.