“Project Quimper Emergency Veterinary Clinic”


During the pandemic, vets everywhere were short-staffed (and still are), had to adhere to protocols that were more time-consuming and stringent than before, and were therefore booked up solidly for months in advance just trying to take care of what would have been a normal load of appointments. Most vets were therefore unable to take emergency cases, except for two in the entire Jefferson, Clallam and Kitsap County area (population 379,538), one in Poulsbo and one in Silverdale, which were also sometimes so full they could not take a case. That’s only two emergency veterinary clinics for a population of over 1/3 of a million people! Additionally, the costs to the vets of supplies, equipment, rents, medications and such has gone up astronomically. Veterinary fees have gone up accordingly. Now the costs of vet care are above the means of even many middle-class pet owners. Most of the vets are doing their best with a very difficult and unavoidable situation caused by the pandemic and by inflation. Consider that pets require the same quality of medical attention that people do, and you can see why it’s expensive.

The veterinary availability situation everywhere is bad, but especially in our geographically isolated area – the Quimper Peninsula. Meanwhile, pets are suffering. The only way any of this can be solved is to bring a new clinic to the area that specializes in emergencies. Rather than just talking about it, let’s DO this – we MUST do this – to alleviate the current rate of suffering and deaths of pets that can’t wait weeks or months when they are acutely sick or injured.

Who will join Pet Helpers in creating “Project Quimper Emergency Veterinary Clinic”? Email me at coordinator@pethelpersporttownsend.org – let’s walk our talk!