Louie and his happy person (photo courtesy of Peninsula Daily News)

Success! Louie the Dog’s emergency surgery  – We received a call on a Friday evening from Louie’s person, saying she was worried about her little dog’s encounter with a large coyote. He had serious wounds around his neck and throat and was losing energy quickly. Due to understaffing of veterinary clinics because of the pandemic, none were open on the weekend, and it took three days to find a clinic accepting emergency cases. When Louie finally was seen, he was close to death in a state of sepsis, and required immediate antibiotic treatment and extensive surgery. Louie is slowly and successfully recovering. Cost of care: over $3000. We are deeply grateful to the donors who so generously gave on our GoFundMe campaign for Louie!

Jasmine and her person

Success! Jasmine is just one of the many dogs and cats who have received essential vaccinations paid by Pet Helpers.

Success! Zeus’s dental surgery – Zeus is an elderly chihuahua whose person calls him “my boy”. Zeus had terribly infected teeth, and needed dental surgery to prevent the infection from spreading throughout his body. Local vets were booked up months into the future, but we finally got an appointment for Zeus. Now he is pain-free, and his person is full of joy and gratitude! The cost: $1500. Our GoFundMe campaign for Zeus paid for part of the cost.

Success! Kona the parrot – There is only one avian vet in Western Washington State, and Kona needed to be seen for an unknown illness. His person could barely pay for the gasoline and the ferry ride required to get there, but he sacrificed his own needs for his parrot’s. We paid the vet. The cost of the visit and medications: over $700. This was paid from our general fund, which exists through your donations.

Success! Early on a Sunday morning a lady called regarding her little dog, who had been attacked and bitten the previous day by a bigger dog. Overnight, the wound had become badly infected and the dog was shivering despite the hot summer weather (possibly from septic shock). This lady was desperate to get the dog to a veterinary clinic, but since it was a weekend, there were none open in our area. Our coordinator called the nearest emergency clinic – an hour’s drive away, and which charges a minimum of $800 per visit – but they had no available appointments. So we called the nearest mobile veterinary unit, also an hour away, and luckily the kind doctor had a small window of time open and made a trip here to Port Townsend to see the dog. The dog’s owner, who lives in a tent in the woods, met the veterinarian at a nearby location. The vet treated the dog and provided medications and a microchip. She said it was a good thing that he had been treated quickly. The dog’s owner was so grateful, she was in tears of joy. Many of our clients cry when thanking us for helping their beloved pets. We hope that some day there sill be an emergency veterinary clinic nearby. We were lucky this time to get help on a weekend.

Success! Numerous spays and neuters, vaccinations, microchips, and more! We’ve seen what can happen when pets are not vaccinated, spayed and neutered, so we consider it of prime importance to continue serving those who need these services. Your generous donations provide for the costs.