We provide access to veterinary care for the pets of our homeless and underfunded neighbors

We are a nonprofit organization funded solely by contributions from donors.

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Our Goals

  • Provide access to veterinary services for sick and injured pets when their people cannot afford it.
  • Provide funds for spaying, neutering, and vaccinations.
  • Engage the local community in Port Townsend and the surrounding area in taking an interest in seeing pets and their owners stay together in a healthy way.
  • Partner with veterinarians, pet-care businesses, warming shelters, housing communities, and related organizations.
  • Provide guidance on pet healthcare.
  • Help get pets microchipped and licensed.
  • Provide transportation to and from appointments when needed.
  • Assure underprivileged pet owners that our goal is to assist in keeping them and their pets together by providing resources they need to keep their pets healthy.  
  • Raise funds to support the above goals.

If you have a pet, you know how its presence in your life provides a depth of love and caring that cannot be replaced. Especially in trying times, your pet gives you unconditional love. But imagine if your beloved pet becomes ill or injured and you cannot access veterinary care  –  and that is exactly what has happened for too many in our community. Pet Helpers Port Townsend exists to provide access to veterinary care for the pets of those who cannot otherwise afford it. No animal deserves to suffer.

A pet can be a lifeline for a person facing homelessness, disability, or crisis, and is often the only living being that loves them. So when we save a pet, we save a person too.

Sometimes a person with limited resources must choose between either buying groceries or getting veterinary care for a sick pet. Admirably, many would choose the veterinary care. But if the pet needs surgery, it can cost as much as a year’s income for a minimum wage earner. Even vaccinations at local low-cost clinics are more than many people can afford. No one should have to make such heartbreaking choices. That’s why we hope you will choose to support Pet Helpers.

contact: coordinator@pethelpersporttownsend.org