We provide access to veterinary care for the pets of our homeless and underfunded neighbors

We are a nonprofit organization funded solely by contributions from donors. To support our work, please click here: https://pethelpersporttownsend.org/please-support-our-work

Our Goals

  • Provide access to veterinary services for sick and injured pets when their people cannot afford it.
  • Provide funds for spaying, neutering, and vaccinations.
  • Engage the local community in Port Townsend and the surrounding area in taking an interest in seeing pets and their owners stay together in a healthy way.
  • Partner with veterinarians, pet-care businesses, warming shelters, housing communities, and related organizations.
  • Provide guidance on pet healthcare.
  • Help get pets microchipped and licensed.
  • Make vet appointments and provide transportation to and from appointments.
  • Assure underprivileged pet owners that our goal is to assist in keeping them and their pets together by providing resources they need to keep their pets healthy.  
  • Raise funds to support the above goals.
contact: coordinator@pethelpersporttownsend.org